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1908 Myrtle ave
Eureka ca 95501

Tickle Soap is a small business in Northern California. 



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Hello my name is Jennifer McMahon. I am the creator and master crafter behind tickle soap. I am located in Eureka Ca. A beautiful Victorian town by the sea in Northern California.  

I am currently focusing on bathbombs.

I have always been a bath addict. But my obsession was solidified when my long term partner and I were cleaning up his Grandmothers property and in the berry bushes was a beat up old vintage claw foot tub.

It took a lot of elbow grease but I was able to clean it up and I had it placed in my back yard.  This is were I enjoy my evening soaks and even sometimes early morning soaks. 

I began making bathbombs for myself and handing off the extras to friends. Word started to spread and I could barely keep up with the demand.

This is still a second job for me. I own and operate a small business in my community so I am a one woman show working after hours to create magical bath accessories.

Please check in occasionally to see what I am up to and maybe you might just become another bath addict too!